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Buying Guide

Floor measurements

Please note: this measurement advice and calculator serve as a guide only. Please ensure that a professional fitter comes and physically measures the areas to be carpeted in person.

  1. Draw a diagram of your room/s. This does not have to be to scale, but should be a fairly accurate representation of the area.
  2. If you're measuring a room with no recesses, foyers or additional corners, there will only be one width and one length to measure. However, if you have a room with one of the peculiarities mentioned, measure the shortest length or width and use that as your base.
  3. Multiply the width and length to get the main area measurement. If the room has no recesses or angle, you can stop here. This is the measurement of the total floor area, and can be captured in the middle of your drawing, or inputted into the calculator on this page.
  4. If you are measuring an additional square or rectangular recess, measure it as if it were a small room. Take the length and width measurements, and multiply them together to get the total area of the recess.
  5. If you are measuring an additional round recess, such as a bay window without a window seat, do the following measurements and calculations:
    Measure the longest width and length of the recess (usually through the centre) up until the edge of the main area, which you already measured. Cut the length in half, and multiply your answer by the width, then by pi (3.14). This will give you the area of an entire ellipse, but remember that only half of the ellipse extends beyond the border of the room, so divide the area in half.
Add all the areas together to get the total floor area.
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