Carpet Care

Nouwens Carpets


You are now the proud owner of a quality Nouwens Carpet. Besides the benefit of a century's tradition in craftsmanship, your carpet comes with a guarantee of quality.

Please complete the information below to facilitate any possible future query on your carpet:

Our Guarantee

We undertake to make good or replace any A Grade Nouwens Carpet within 5 years of installation, if due to proven defect in manufacture, this carpet should fail to give satisfaction in normal use according to the manufacturers recommendation. Should we not be able to replace the particular range, a carpet of similar value may be selected from our current range. All claims will be treated in accordance with CMSA Standard Claims Policy.

Being a SABS branded carpet, you also have the assurance that this consumer body controls the quality of every Nouwens Carpet. Please note that this guarantee will not cover claims for carpeting that has been incorrectly /inadequately installed or maintained - Refer to our webpage for information on correct cleaning / vacuuming.