In the 21st century world of business, no organisation can remain unconscious of its impact on the environment, or of its carbon footprint.

If the earth is to sustain itself and continue to flourish and support industry, and thus life and well-being as it is known, companies need to reduce the negative effects of conducting business drastically.

Nouwens Carpets fully supports this sentiment, and has committed to looking at its environmental impact in the following ways:

  • Product innovation – because solution-dyed nylon reduces water and chemical usage, as well as energy consumption, it is fast becoming a popular man-made alternative to manufacture with
  • Product innovation – wool is a naturally renewable resource, and therefore still forms the basis of many of the company's premium product offerings
  • The installation of an energy-efficient steam boiler, which has a lower carbon emission rate and improved thermal efficiency
  • The installation of an effluent treatment plant, with all effluent water used for gardening and general maintenance
  • The installation of energy efficient lighting systems
  • The use of recycled polyester
  • The production of backings from 70% recycled materials
  • Constant awareness of energy and water conservation
  • Minimising waste throughout the entire process
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