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Our News

Happy 45th anniversary, Luci Nouwens

On 2 November 2015, Nouwens gathered every member of staff to help celebrate Luci Nouwens’ 45 year contribution to the Nouwens brand. Not only did they celebrate Luci’s valuable contribution and dedication to the company, but to the carpet production industry itself...

Celebrating 10,000 Nouwens facebook fans

The Nouwens Facebook page recently celebrated a digital milestone reaching 10,000 carpet loving Facebook Fans!...

Nouwens turns up the volume with new value range

It's here! Fresh from a successful launch in August this year, comes a brand new range by Nouwens Carpets. Stereo delivers both quality and value for money. The Nouwens Carpetmasters have drawn on 52 years...

50 Years On - Nouwens Has Much to Celebrate

As part of the 50th birthday celebrations which took place during November 2012, the original blanket loom taken out and displayed after some 45 years in storage. It evoked a fond memory for Johannes Mahlaba...

Ecotwist - An environmentally inspired range by Nouwens Carpets

In its 50th anniversary year, Nouwens Carpets is proud to launch a new carpet of distinction - Ecotwist - made in true Nouwens Eco-friendly tradition without compromising the craftsmanship and quality our consumer has come to rely on.

Eco-Twist Carpet Range

Ecotwist BCF Polyester pile yarn - a first for Nouwens Carpets and for South Africa - is a technically advanced fibre containing at least 20% recycled post-consumer drink bottles. This timeless classic friezé in affordable BCF polyester provides a durable, luxurious cut pile with natural lustre fibre imparting that sophisticated "wool look" and desirable soft handle. Ecotwist comes in a balanced range of fashion and classic shades. Colour names like Earth Hour, Renew and Impact - have been inspired by our combined efforts to save our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, showing the true Nouwens Carpets commitment to our environment. SABS Nouwens peace of mind - Ecotwist has been thoroughly tested by the SABS for basic construction, simulated wear, pile crush, colour fastness and stability in order to estimate what it should be able to stand up to in real life and has passed all requirements for Use class 4 - medium commercial use! Ecotwist also comes with a Nouwens 5 year manufacturer's quality guarantee and a 10 year limited wear guarantee.

'Tis the Season of Giving'
Bringing Joy to Maluti Flooring trade, families and friends open their hearts for Christmas
Maluti Child Care Project

In 2006, Nouwens Carpets and local businesses in the Harrismith and Qua Qua surrounds recognised a need for the children in the community to be taken care of during the day. And so the Maluti Child Care Project was established, with the sole objective of providing at least one hearty meal a day to school-going children, as well as giving them a safe environment in which to play.

Tips on How to Keep your Carpet Looking New
Look for colours and textures that will hide dirt or stains

If you have young kids, your carpet is going to get stained. It is pretty much guaranteed. If you're in the market for new carpet and are looking for ways to keep it looking fresh, try to avoid light colours and carpets without any texture. Try finding an off-white shade (beige, creamy-colours, sand and other neutrals) that will hide dirt and stains. Of course, the darker the colour, the better it will hide most stains. Berber carpets and other textured materials also do a great job of hiding common stains such as juice, crayons or markers and certain food spills.

Wool is green

At Nouwens we Care, our concern for the environment is all important to Nouwens, therefore materials, chemicals and machinery are chosen bearing in mind their environmental impact and real effort is made to minimise waste and avoid damage to our surroundings.

A Natural wool carpet is still the most eco-friendly carpet option available.

Why Use a Nouwens Commercial Carpet Tiles for Your Office Floor?

At Nouwens we believe that the flooring of an office space and setting plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of the place. That is why interior designers pay such a lot of attention to the flooring of the office while planning the overall decor. While most office spaces use wall to wall carpeting, carpet rolls or carpet squares for their flooring, these seems to fade and wear out over time, owing to the heavy traffic that office spaces generally experience. In such scenarios, commercial carpet tiles prove to be a much more practical and cost-effective solution when it comes to the flooring of an office space.

So what's the difference between wool and polypropylene carpets?

Wool is an excellent natural fibre that has been used in carpets and rugs for centuries. It offers superb resilience to wear because of the inherent ability of the fibre to 'bounce back' and recover following the pressure of foot traffic - so retaining its looks over the years. Because of the characteristics of the fibre, it has a natural ability to resist general soiling and responds well to professional cleaning, bouncing back to life. Wool is mainly used on its own in a pure 100% form for loop pile carpets or in 80% wool blends with nylon and polypropylene in cut pile.