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Tips on How to Keep your Carpet Looking New
  1. Look for colours and textures that will hide dirt or stains
    If you have young kids, your carpet is going to get stained. It is pretty much guaranteed. If you're in the market for a new carpet and are looking for ways to keep it looking fresh, try to avoid light colours and carpets without any texture. Look for forgiving colours and textures that will hide dirt and stains. Medium to darker shades and textured carpets such as Berbers, do a great job of hiding common stains and spills. This does not mean that such carpets need less cleaning, just that they don't look so bad until you can get to them.

  2. Remove spots and spills regularly
    Remove spots and spills as soon as you can even if it means “damage control” until your guests have left or you have time to treat the spill further. It can mean the difference between an unsightly permanent stain and a perfectly clean carpet. Refer to our spot removal chart on this website.

  3. Look for carpets that are stain resistant
    We've all heard of those amazing carpets that are stain resistant, and the truth is, they really work. These are solution dyed synthetics which means that they can be cleaned with a solution of bleach and water. Stain resistant carpets are great in living rooms, kids' rooms and rooms where much of your time is spent.

  4. Look for carpets that are soil resistant
    A topical soil resistant treatment means that soil and spills are not readily absorbed into the fibre, giving you more time to vacuum or remove the spill

  5. Vacuum your carpet regularly
    Vacuuming your carpet removes dirt and helps reduce the soiling effect of foot traffic. It also helps remove allergens and reduce the dullness of the carpet. Vacuuming your carpet regularly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your carpet continues to look great year round.

  6. Use area rugs and walk-off mats
    Use walk-off mats to trap dirt at entrances from outside and greasy areas like kitchens and clean them frequently. Somewhere along the way, it was said that you can't put an area rug on carpet, but why not? Adding an area rug to your carpet will add focal points, create texture and add warmth to the area. To keep the carpet underneath the rug looking good, be sure to move the rug and vacuum the carpet often.

  7. Have guests remove their shoes
    You may feel that this is rude, but turn the tables for a moment. If you were a guest at someone's home and they asked you to remove your shoes, would it bother you? Odds are, probably not. Having guests remove their shoes at your door will reduce the dirt brought in to your home. To sweeten the deal, keep a nice basket full of cozy slippers or fun flip flops for your guests to replace their shoes with. It's a great way to make sure your carpet stays clean.

  8. Have your carpet professionally cleaned
    No matter what you do, your carpet is going to need to be cleaned at some point. Paying a little extra to have a professional cleaner come in and do the job will extend the lifespan of your carpet. Do some online research and find a reputable cleaner in your area with good reviews. You can also rent a steam cleaner from a local hardware store and do the job yourself. You'll appreciate the look of your carpet once the work is done.