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So what's the difference between wool and synthetic carpets?

Wool is an excellent natural fibre that has been used in carpets and rugs for centuries. It offers superb resilience because of the inherent ability of the fibre to ‘bounce back', as well as a natural ability to repel soiling. These characteristics, amongst others, ensure that a woollen carpet grows old gracefully – just think of your favourite woollen jacket! Because of its natural ability to resist general soiling, it responds well to professional cleaning, to come out fresh and clean every time. Wool is mainly used on its own in a pure 100% form for loop pile carpets, or in 80% wool blends with nylon in cut pile carpets.

If you're looking to carpet the heavier duty areas of the home, such as the hall, stairs or landing, then opt for a hardwearing practical carpet - with a wool or nylon pile - that maintains its appearance. It pays dividends to spend slightly more for a heavier pile weight carpet (which incorporates more yarn on the pile surface). Alternatively, more affordable synthetics are great ‘family friendly' fibres, costing less per square metre and ideal for children's bedrooms or playrooms where sticky fingers and spills are common.

When looking for a carpet, here's a handy hint for choosing wool or a synthetic carpet:

Top benefits of a wool carpet

  • Unique natural look and feel
  • Hard wearing and long lasting investment
  • Naturally soil resistant
  • Retains its appearance well
  • Recovers well from traffic and furniture compression
  • Is naturally flame resistant
  • Environmentally friendly natural fibre
  • Adds to comfort as it can hold a high percentage of moisture without feeling wet

Top benefits of a synthetic carpet (Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic)

  • Synthetic prices range from top of the range right through to entry level prices
  • Enhanced soil resistance – usually comes with a mill-applied soil resistant treatment
  • Easy to clean – solution-dyed fibres can be cleaned with a solution of bleach and water
  • New generation fibres are more durable
  • Good colour fastness