Our Story
Our Story

OUR FOOTPRINT - making a sustainable difference

Nouwens Carpets understands that taking care now creates a better future for all, and by being sustainable, will contribute to a more thriving country and economy for generations not yet born.

In recognition of this, Nouwens has, in the last few years, taken steps towards responsible corporate citizenship by doing the following:

  • Becoming a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, and subscribing to its principles
  • Submitting its products for vigorous VOC testing to ensure that harmful emissions are significantly reduced
  • Implementing a more streamlined and efficient ERP system with the introduction of SAP
  • Remaining abreast of international trends by visiting global trade-shows and tapping into best practices that support sustainability
  • Addressing basic issues of energy conservation and waste control at all levels
  • Supporting the community in which it operates and uplifting the lives of children through the Maluti Child Care Project