Carpet Care

carpet care

Basic carpet care

The following carpet care programme will only be effective if started on a new carpet, or one which has been restored by a good professional clean.

  1. Quality walk-off mats are recommended at entrances to reduce dirt and kitchen grease being walked into fitted carpets. To remain effective, clean these mats regularly and replace when necessary.
  2. Starting from day one, vacuum your carpet thoroughly and at least daily in well used areas, to prevent soil from settling into the pile and to remove fibre shed. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner has adequate suction power, is well maintained, and that the bag is changed on a regular basis. Brushes, bristle strips and beater bars can cause pilling or fuzzing, especially on loop pile carpets.
  3. Remove spills and marks immediately. Prompt action will prevent the spillage from penetrating the fibre and becoming fixed. Refer to our guide for spot cleaning, as well as our spot removal chart. Maintain heavy traffic routes with a quality carpet cleaning powder from time to time.
  4. If the above care is taken, your need for professional cleaning will be far less. However, do not wait until your carpet becomes too dirty before arranging a general clean by a reputable professional carpet cleaner.
    1. Soil resistance treatments such as Easi-Care are most effective if regular maintenance procedures are followed from the outset.
    2. Rather consult a professional before you do irreparable damage to your carpet, should you be unsure of, or unsuccessful with, a treatment.

Remember that the care and love you give your carpet will be returned in the enduring pleasure, lasting good looks and warmth a well maintained carpet can provide.

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