Our Story
Our Story


The company's humble beginnings take us way back to November 1962, when Corelis Nouwens first established Nouwens Carpets. Today the company is headed by a highly competent and energetic management team - Nouwens has taken the experience and investment from its past, and is evolving and developing its operations, products and service so that it remains a leading market player, as it moves into a new era.

Highly specialised technical expertise, a thorough understanding of their craft and a keen eye for styling at the forefront of local and global trends, contribute to this successful approach.

Headquartered in the Free State, but with sales hubs nationally, Nouwens has the infrastructure and capability to deliver on the demanding needs of the soft flooring industry.

With a passion for creating beautiful, durable products, and constantly looking for new and novel ideas to bring to market, Nouwens is a recognised and respected name in the lifestyle and décor market.


Wool is a beautiful and complex fibre that has evolved over thousands of years to protect sheep through a wide range of climatic conditions.

There are two types of wool cells:

  • Para-cortex
  • Ortho-cortex

These grow at differing rates, causing a three-dimensional corkscrew pattern of coiled springs that act like shock absorbers, giving wool high elasticity, and a "memory" that allows the fibres to recover to normal size after stretching. Wool fibres can be extensively stretched without breaking, and still bounce back.

Wool is also incredibly soil-resistant. It releases soil up to 25% more readily than synthetic fibre. The cuticle, or outer layer of the wool fibre, has a finely waxed surface with overlapping scales to keep soil in the outer area of the fibre, where it is easily removed by simple vacuuming.

This cuticle or membrane also prevents water from penetrating the individual fibres; however, it does allow the fibre to absorb moisture in vapour form. Consequently, wool can absorb up to one-third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, making it resistant to static electricity. Likewise, it helps wool recover from pressure marks.

This unique set of wool characteristics ensures that a well-engineered carpet has an amazing appearance retention, enabling it to “grow old gracefully”. When one looks at the various developments in synthetic fibres, one will recognise that they attempt to incorporate many of wool's natural features.

Wool's high moisture content and protein constituents provide natural flame resistance.


With hands-on control over its production facility, and the long-term experience of balancing supply and demand, Nouwens has the ability to deliver product throughout South Africa to meet and exceed customer needs on an ongoing basis.

This, together with committed transport partner, Transiton, ensures that Nouwens can assure a reliable, personalised service that meets the specific requirements and time pressures of every customer.


While its heritage is in European-style carpet manufacture, and it continues to research international trends, Nouwens is a genuinely South African company with a real understanding of the local environment and its wants and needs.

Nouwens creates products that suit a South African lifestyle and complement both homes and offices, in terms of colour mix, décor fit and longevity.

With a total commitment to employing and training South Africans, and styling products with a classic local touch, Nouwens Carpets offer the ideal product for any proudly South African contractor, property owner, builder, architect, designer or decorator.


Nouwens ensures discerning service whenever it engages with customers, and likes to differentiate from the crowd.

So, if you see something that appeals to you from our large range of pure new wool, nylon, polyester or polypropylene carpet selections, please complete the order form here, and we will ensure that you receive your own carpet swatch to match to your interior and feel the difference!