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Buying Guide


Nouwens makes use of the best natural and man-made fibres available in the construction of its carpet ranges.


As a renewable resource, wool is not only environmentally friendly, but has so many inherent properties too:

  • It has superior texture retention and resilience due to the natural crimp that is intrinsic in the fibre – it will spring back more readily after being walked on or cleaned.
  • It is naturally soil resistant. Wool has an innate protective layer of fine scales that repel dirt. Spills and stains are easily removed.
  • Wool is naturally fire resistant and self extinguishing, making it safer for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Wool is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, moderating temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed. Its ability to insulate is unsurpassed.
  • It has a natural lustre and gentle light reflection and therefore it creates an elegant and peaceful canvas from which to work.

Wool is also biodegradable.

Nouwens PA6 Nylon

Nylon is one of the highest performing synthetics all round and solution-dyed nylon has superior colour fastness, because the fibre is dyed right through to the inside of the filament during extrusion, much like a carrot retains its colour from outside to inside.

Consequently, the aesthetic appeal of the carpet remains strong throughout the lifetime of an installation - a claim not every fibre can make.


A popular synthetic fibre for Saxony and frieze carpets, because polyester yarns respond well to heat setting. It has superb built-in stain resistance with permanent anti-static features and is also used in blends for added durability.


Due to its natural look and feel, acrylic is fondly referred to as "the poor man's wool" and is successfully used in blends with wool and other fibres.


A softer polymer, generally used as solution-dyed BCF yarns in lower priced carpet ranges. Nouwens extrudes its own high quality Easifibre polypropylene yarns, which are further texturised and styled in house

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