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carpet care

Spot removal

Our spot removal chart details the steps to take in order to remove various spills. Read and understand the instructions of any cleaner before use. If you are using an unfamiliar treatment, first test this on an unobtrusive area.

  1. Remove stains and spills immediately. Prompt action will avoid the spillage penetrating the pile fibres. This could mean the difference between absolutely no damage and a mark that ruins the appearance of your whole carpet. The best method to blot up liquids is with white tissue paper or clean (white) absorbent cloths. Scoop up solids with the blunt edge of a knife or spoon, working inwards from the edge of the spill to prevent it spreading, then treat it with a suitable cleaning product. Note: NEVER rub or brush a stain, as this could spread it and distort the pile.
  2. Apply spot remover with a clean towel or tissue, and not directly to the spot, using small quantities at a time, gently working it into the carpet.
  3. Take care to not damage the carpet's colour or construction.
  4. Sticky or tacky detergent residues could prompt re-soiling, so remove and rinse to make sure no residues are left.
  5. Do not rush - deep soiling may require repeated cleaning. Allow the first clean to dry and vacuum well before repeating the procedure.
  6. Overwetting and prolonged drying could cause damage and staining. Extreme saturation could cause backing fibres to shrink or stretch.
  7. Household detergents are generally not suitable for cleaning carpets.
  8. Some chemicals are suitable only for certain fibres - determine compatibility before using. With any wool content carpets, the cleaning shampoo or chemical should be neutral pH or, preferably, slightly acidic.
  9. As Nouwens Easicarpet is made from solution-dyed BCF yarn, stains can be removed from these carpets with a simple solution of 50% household bleach and 50% water. PLEASE NOTE that this procedure will damage carpets made of other fibres.

A generally safe and effective do-it-yourself spot removal product is a dry powder carpet cleaner. After vacuuming, the powder is sprinkled and worked in with a hard sponge, cheesecloth or by hand. After an hour or two (follow the instructions), it is vacuumed off. Most dry powder cleaners work in conjunction with a pre-spray which is effective on solvent-based stains. Caution must be taken with regard to the pH levels when using pre-sprays on wool carpets. Dry powders are also suitable for cleaning heavy traffic areas.

Some chemicals are hazardous (corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.) and should be used with care and in accordance with their use and safety instructions. Care needs to be taken when using solvent-based spot removal agents, as an excess may cause damage to carpet backings.

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