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Wool is a Green Product

At Nouwens we care. Our concern for the environment is all-important at Nouwens, therefore materials, chemicals and machinery are chosen with their environmental impact in mind. Furthermore, real effort is made to minimise waste and avoid damage to our surroundings. A Natural wool carpet is still the most eco-friendly carpet option available.

What makes Natural Wool Carpet so Eco Friendly?

At Nouwens Carpets, quality fine carpets must start with good materials, which is why Nouwens only chooses the best pure wools - imported mainly from New Zealand and Britain - for our natural fibre carpets.

Wool is a truly unique carpet fibre - Mother Nature makes wool with grass, water and sunshine! Did you know that wool is also rated as the best carpeting you can buy from a green living standpoint?

  • Wool carpets are typically made with natural materials in their raw form, so when you purchase a carpet made from 100% pure new wool, its natural properties mean that very little chemicals are needed in the production process.
  • It doesn't require treating with any chemical stain protection
  • It is naturally water repellent
  • It is naturally fire resistant – so no fire retardant chemicals are added to your carpeting
  • Scorch marks can simply be brushed away, a property that also contributes to safety
  • Wool is extremely durable and long lasting - it has exceptional appearance retention, making it a great long-term carpet choice. Products that last longer are always more eco friendly than those that need to be replaced often.
  • The fibre's superb resilience gives unsurpassed comfort underfoot plus it ensures that the pile recovers very well from tread and pressure of furniture.
  • Wool provides excellent sound and thermal insulation.