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It's here! Fresh from a successful launch in August this year, comes a brand new range by Nouwens Carpets.

Stereo delivers both quality and value for money. The Nouwens Carpetmasters have drawn on 52 years of expertise and the very latest technology to produce a competitively priced, quality entry-level carpet range. This range will speak to an even wider customer base, offering them various multi-faceted and distinctive, yet affordable carpets.

Stereo falls under the Nouwens Easicarpet range and carries all the same attributes of this market-leading, top quality, synthetic carpeting option. Easifibre yarns have been specially engineered to optimise the performance of Stereo. Three different colours have been tufted into the same imported primary backing used on other Nouwens products, making it the thickest quality carpet in its price bracket. Stereo comes in six different colour blends to compliment any space - domestic or commercial. A well-received, six week series of teaser Facebook posts highlighted each of these colours prior to the official launch: Loft, Patio, Quarters, Studio, Suite and Terrace.

Nouwens' quality finishing, innovative materials, designs and colours as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, combine to offer a premium feel and everyday hardiness with this exciting new range.